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Located in Kingsport, TN
Hello Psychiatric Associates of Kingsport welcomes you!
Adrian C. Buckner M.D.
****Coronavirus Update for our Office****
At this time of uncertainty I felt there needed to be more guidance and leadership in dealing with the coronavirus. As for appointments we are implementing appointments VIA PHONE at scheduled appointment times UNLESS you are scheduled for a shot(your shot will be given  at our office at your scheduled time). I do encourage social distancing as recommended by the CDC(Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) CDC)but want to reassure people that our office has never contained more than 10 people at one time and our staff has been diligent in disinfecting and are well aware to stay home if they are feeling unwell. If you are unsure about signs and symptoms of the coronavirus please refer to the CDC website for self-evaluation and the possibility of testing. Please feel free to contact our office if you need assistance on when to be tested(Interim U.S. Guidance for Risk Assesment and Public Health Management of Healthcare Personnel with Potential Exposure in a Healthcare Settimng to Patients with Coronavirus Diseases(COVID-19) CDC) Of particular note on the CDC website is guidance on staying mentally well( including becoming overstressed and how this can actually affect your health in general. Again our office will be here and I consider us a safe place for patient care information and any assistance that you may need. It is imperative that you try to take care of yourselves so that we may take care of others.

Our Practice specializes in Adult and Geriatric Psychiatry. We are dedicated to servicing you with the right help and after hours coverage from both Dr. Buckner and Dr. Moffet. It is our pleasure and we hope to see you soon.

Nothing is more estimable than a physician who having studied nature from his youth, knows the properties of the human body, the diseases which assail it, the remedies that will benefit it: exercise his art with caution, and pays equal attention to the rich and the poor.
~ Voltaire ~

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